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Academic Year 2017-18


AQAR 2017-18

Academic Calendar 2017-18
Formation Of IQAC
Minutes Of Meeting
Plan Of Action

1.3.1 – Value-added courses imparting transferable and life skills offered during the year

1.3.2 – Field Projects / Internships under taken during the year

2.1.1 – Demand Ratio during the year

2.3.1 – View File of ICT Tools and resources / View File of E-resources and techniques used

2.6.2 – Pass percentage of students

3.3.3 – Research Publications in the Journals notified on UGC website during the year

3.3.4 – Books and Chapters in edited Volumes / Books published, and papers in National/International Conference Proceedings per Teacher during the year

3.3.7 – Faculty participation in Seminars/Conferences and Symposia during the year

3.4.1 – Number of extension and outreach programmes conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organisations through NSS/NCC/Red cross/Youth Red Cross (YRC) etc

3.4.3 – Students participating in extension activities with Government Organisations, Non-Government Organisations and programmes such as Swachh Bharat, Aids Awareness, Gender Issue, etc.

4.1.2 – Details of augmentation in infrastructure facilities during the year

4.2.2 – Library Services

5.1.1 – Scholarships and Financial Support

5.1.2 – Number of capability enhancement and development schemes such as Soft skill development, Remedial coaching, Language lab, Bridge courses, Yoga, Meditation, Personal Counselling and Mentoring etc

5.1.3 – Students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling offered by the institution during the year

5.2.2 – Student progression to higher education in percentage during the year

5.2.4 – Sports and cultural activities / competitions organised at the institution level during the year

6.3.2 – Number of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the College for teaching and non teaching staff during the year

6.3.3 – No. of teachers attending professional development programmes, viz., Orientation Programme, Refresher Course, Short Term Course, Faculty Development Programmes during the year

6.5.6 – Number of Quality Initiatives undertaken during the year

7.1.4 – Inclusion and Situatedness

7.1.6 – Activities conducted for promotion of universal Values and Ethics

7.2 – Best Practices